Shakera and Britney show 'Progress'

June 02, 2018
Britney shows off just the right amount of skin at her party, Progress, that was held at 115 Hagley Park Road, St Andrew, recently.
Anthony Minott/ Freelance Photographer Shakera (left) and Britney, the promoters of 'Progress'.
Anthony Minott/ Freelance Photographer The Purge crew was among the many persons who attended the party.
Anthony Minott/ Freelance Photographer Trini Dolly (left) and Tara pose for THE STAR.
Anthony Minott/ Freelance Photographer Shakera (left) is joined by Whilby (centre) of Cloud Nine and friend.
Anthony Minott/ Freelance Photographer This diva shows off her very fashionable outfit.

Shakera, a promotional girl signed to Romeich Entertainment, has been making strides as she is now a party promoter herself.

With her sister, Britney, by her side, Shakera managed to host her party, Progress, on Maxfield Avenue in St Andrew last Saturday.

Pleased with the turnout for her the event, Shakera said: "It was a lot of hard work networking, promoting, and sensitising people in various circles, and sometimes I wanted tap out, but I managed to keep it together. The theme for the party is Progress, and it is fitting of what I am all about for 2018, and I want to thank all who supported my event."

Among the persons who gave her party the right boost were selectors SK International, DJ Shabba and Kemar Gunnaz, Bishop Escobar and Mixplosion, who kept the event going throughout the night.

Here are the highlights.

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