Selectors can't find summer song - But Tifa says JA Party is the one

July 03, 2018
Ding Dong

Local promoters and disc jockeys are concerned that it is already July and there has not been a single that can be called ‘the song of the summer’.

Marc Chin of Coppershot Sound, said it appears Ding Dong’s Flairy, which was released in 2017, is likely to dominate the period. 

Chin said Jamaica’s party landscape has gone back to dancing so that is why Flairy has been a hit with Jamaicans.

The top songs of summer normally boast heavy rotation on radio, strong chart performance, social media hype as well as being party anthems. Aidonia's Yeah Yeah Yeah was last year’s summer song. 

If Flairy rules the summer, it would be the third time since 2010 that Ding Dong is coming up with a song that can lay claim to the title of a summer hit. Gas ruled the summer of 2015, while Holiday was the top summer song in 2010.

“Singles like Holiday were chosen because they could have promoted tourism for the island, and while I can’t speak for other DJs, and I am not sure how people choose the top song for the summer, Flairy is a dancing track and it is now being used in a few commercials so it has basically transcended others,” said Chin.

Another popular DJ, Zen, said that many of his colleagues are probably concerned that not many songs have been released since the summer period. He said that disc jockeys have been accustomed to having a song exclusively labeled a summer anthem released at the start of the high party season.

"What would make a song a summer song is the title and the lyrics. Basically the artiste talking about the season's vibe and giving the patron that feel for it to get that prime time segment," he said. 

Meanwhile, Tifa is slightly annoyed that her single, JA Party, is being overlooked. The music video for the song, which is the lead track from her long awaited 15-track album, Curry Goat and Champagne, was released last night and she is currently watching the views.

“Nuff a dem a gwaan like them blind cause it’s not from one of the popular male artistes; look like ah only when female artistes sing about dash out and take people man unuh pay females mind,” Tifa said.

“Knowing my album was dropping this summer, I wanted a party vibe on it, not just man and woman topics, and this helped to also diversify the album selection because it is not only a summer song but homage to my place of birth,” Tifa continued.

“I said to myself it has been a while any real impactful summer song since Vybz Kartel’s Summer Time (from 2011) and I wanted to make one as a female. It is very rare that I have a female summer song,” she added.





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