Calling all impersonators - Promoter creates new challenge

July 09, 2018
A Michael Jackson impersonator.
DJ Bambino

Many successful reggae and dancehall artistes, and entertainers in general, have launched a career in the music industry from doing covers or impressions of more popular artistes.

More so, there are other comical entertainers who have attracted a large fan base from doing impersonations of their colleagues.

Leftside, DJ Bambino, and Twin of Twins are a few of the names that come to mind.

Now, Mandeville-based promoter Kenroy Griffiths is seeking to make a series of what he calls the impersonations challenge.

Griffiths, who is known for the Bikers' Invasion event in St Elizabeth, told The STAR that the challenge is not completely new, but the idea to create an event series where persons who claim to have talent can imitate top names in the industry should be quite entertaining.

"I have seen similar things at stage shows but some of those moments we cannot get back. This series is just a means to get back some of those moments in reggae and dancehall," said Griffiths.

He said the event, although called 'Impersonations', does not necessarily mean the aspiring artiste has to dress, act or sound like the person he or she is copying.

The persons simply have to be able to deliver a cover that is impeccable to the ears of the audience.

Hopeful entrants would have to submit a video that will be shared on social media for the selection process.

"It may be an advantage if the performer can do a complete impersonation and if two persons can actually remind patrons of the 2008 Vybz Kartel and Mavado Sting performance, it would be a good benefit for the show," he said. "It is something an individual can build a career off of, but remember we have a lot of artistes that do go on big stage shows and sing other persons music as part of their set."

He mentioned Romain Virgo's start in the Rising Stars competition as a type of impersonation.

"His career was aunched doing other persons music, from all genres before being able to do his own music and people worldwide now are requesting him to perform; so, as a matter of fact, any genre is welcomed for this event," said Griffiths.

Plans are still at the embryonic stage but it is expected that each of the series will have at least 10 entrants. The series will be held at the Kirkvine Sports Club, where the top performances will win cash prizes.

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