Dancers' Paradise: Shanice Xpressionz living her dream

July 13, 2018
Shanice Welsh

Dancer and choreographer Shanice Welsh has had the privilege of dancing with recording artistes such as the fan-proclaimed dancehall queen, Spice, and reggae recording artistes Mad Cobra and K Queens.

Shanice has worked on music videos like Hall of Fame by Richie Stephens and Bunj Garlin and Spice's recently released Tick Tak. She also played an extra in Nick Cannon's King of the Dancehall film.

For the 24-year-old Dance Xpressionz member, the way for her to release stress quickly turned into a career. Shanice says dancing has opened many doors for her, and being part of the dance group has offered further opportunities to explore her talents and all the musical genres.

"It has been an educational journey because with the group, you are not just there to dance but also learn," she said. "Being around the team within the short two years has made me learn a lot about the dance eras and where various moves came from," she said.

Her dance moves, 'Leela' and 'Caterpillar Wine', from which she got her nickname, have been gaining 'likes' on the dancehall scene, more so because she has been posting videos on social media doing the dances with a broken wrist, which she got after attempting a jump and split dance move for a competition.

Despite having a broken wrist, she will be participating in the Dancers Dream Camp - which is a feature of this year's Reggae Sumfest activities. The camp, to be hosted by Dance Xpressionz, will be held in Montego Bay, St James, from July 14-22.

"I am prepared for the camp activities, no matter what, music makes my body wants to move," she said.

"The one-week camp is especially a good chance for tourists that want to learn about the culture from old school moves to new school. I expect it will be full of vibes."

Shanice is currently working on a new move she calls 'Tear off mi clothes', and has also shared an interest in taking on more acting roles.

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