Water Worl’ gets the green light

July 13, 2018

The summer is never complete without a trip to the beach, river or the simple pleasure of getting wet at a water party.

According to promoter and artiste manager, Romeich, the latter is a fitting event concept for the season, despite the issues that have occurred in the past as it concerns water shortages.

"For the past three years, concerns surrounding water shortage in respect to the theme have played a main part in the way Water Worl' is executed but this year, however, has been the best year as it hasn't come up," said Romeich. "We have got the go-ahead and permits from all the relevant people to host the event."

Water Worl' celebrates its fifth anniversary this Sunday, returning to its home at Mas Camp.

"As the saying goes, 'wah no bruk nuh fix it'; we all feel the heat so that alone is a plus for those who will turn out," said Romeich.

The promoter told The WEEKEND STAR that Mas Camp was not only selected for its central location and space year after year but because it fits the patrons that the event is targeting.

"Water Worl' is an event for inner-city and middle-class patrons, for example, people from Mountain View, Windward Road, Swallowfield, Cross Roads, Half-Way Tree, plus the entire Waltham can easily get to and find the location," he said.

Naturally, patrons expect artistes like Shenseea and Ding Dong (who Romeich manages) to be there, but he said it is not always possible due to busy schedules.

He added that the entertainment will be provided by DJs Bishop Escobar, Antsman, Spugy and Romeich Entertainment's Black Boi and Scrappy.

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