Female artistes need to stop begging for respect - Lisa Hyper

August 13, 2018
Lisa Hyper
Lisa Hyper

Renowned entertainment journalist Winford Williams has forecasted that Lisa Hyper will make a big impression before the end of the year. The former first lady of Gaza has been fighting hard to make sure her voice is heard by the local and international dancehall community.

She told The STAR that her philosophy is to "demand the attention."

"Now is the time for women to rise above the expectations. I believe that 110 per cent that it is our time," said Lisa Hyper.

She continued: "We just need to stop asking and begging for respect and just demand it because we are all as talented as the men."

The Ruff It Up deejay says that all women need is a good management team.

"Female artistes like Hood Celebrityy never had it easier because she was being introduced from the overseas market," said Lisa Hyper, although she too has travelled overseas to seek better opportunities for her music. "It is the management team that pushed and the artiste's determination. Not because Jamaicans may not gravitate to one of my songs, does not mean other people won't. I'm headed for larger markets not only doing songs for my fellow Jamaicans."

She says that persons have approached her to sign label deals but there is hesitation when it comes to finding a team or signing a name on a contract for a label to manage her music.

"From my contract with Adidja Palmer (Vybz Kartel) ended in 2009 (which she signed right out of high school in 2007), I haven't signed anymore. Instead, I have advisers and an entertainment lawyer based in Washington DC that assists with any music- related issues," she revealed.

She has also started her own record label, which is registered as Gyal Tuff Records, "which I signed myself to so that when a bigger company comes along, they will not have total control" of her work and rights to her music.

"I actually like how Romeich Major is marketing and managing Shenseea," she said, noting that it adds value to the way the Nothing Dem Nuh Have Ova Mi female artiste has upped the ante.

She believes her time is coming, and, for this reason, the deejay is comfortable doing all the groundwork on her own. Despite the slow rising numbers [approximately 8,000 views) for the official video for the recently released single Treasure, she says her journey is her motivation.

"Not because we are females that means we are not supposed to work as hard as the men. You get what you give, so if you bounce about and carry yourselves in a certain manner, you will be treated accordingly," she added. Lisa Hyper promises to show that determined attitude for new singles, Thief A Piece and Beauty And The Beast.

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