Women hit fashion for six at Sabina Park

August 18, 2018
From left: Rachel Morrison, Kristina Chuck, Shani Lawrence and Mary Seaton say they are big cricket lovers.
Natalie Lewis Verley sports a dress with the pictures of cricketers printed on it.

Male fans inside the stands at Sabina Park, Kingston, who attended the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T-20 matches were committed to wearing the national colours and shouting to secure a win.

The women, on the other hand, went the extra mile, choosing coordinated and personalised outfits that showed their love of the sport.

"I wanted to show my support and stand out," says Natalie Lewis Verley, who could be spotted from a mile away with her neon green, braided hair. Verley said that for last year's CPL T-20 matches, she came out wearing green hair, but more had to be done for this year's short two-day staging, especially after the Jamaica Tallawahs won the first match against the St Lucia Stars.

"An idea popped in my head after the team won on Tuesday night, so I got a company to screen print images of some of the players on my dress."

The sexy black bodycon dress was decorated with the faces and upper bodies of a few players as she says there was not enough space for all of them. The face of all-rounder cricket player and one of Verley's favourites, AndrÈ 'Dre Russ' Russell, was the largest image at front and centre.




"I love AndrÈ Russell," Verley exclaimed as she became distracted by the cricketers playing. She named wicketkeeper/batsman Johnson Charles as another favourite, although he was missing from the cricket-design dress.

"I never thought I'd become a fan, having disliked it when my father used to watch it," she said.

Meanwhile, another set of females decided to get a little technical with their show of support, wearing personalised 'I love Jamaica Tallawahs' T-shirts with various field positions and cricket terms, including 'caught behind', 'fine leg', 'spinner' and 'deep cover', printed on the backs.

When asked whether they understood what each term meant, the women revealed that not all of them did, but in unison, they said: "We love the Jamaica Tallawahs."

One of the women, Kristina Chuck, who did the designing and printing of the T-shirts, said: "We are all fans of cricket, old and new. Just call us women who love cricket."

She also printed the numbers four and six in gold on scoring cards that functioned as paper fans for the group.

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