Gospel Spotlight: DJ Rebirth avoids controversy in gospel

September 07, 2018
DJ Rebirth

There is a small circle of gospel-music disc jockeys locally, but Miguel 'DJ Rebirth' Campbell could easily be named in the top five. He has been named the DJ of the Year twice at the Sterling Gospel Music Awards and remains the resident disc jockey for popular religious events, including Gosplash and Kevin Downswell's Realignment Tour.

Not long ago, he went by the name 'DJ Dilemma' as a secular disc jockey with Shock Wave Sound. The year 2012 brought about a transition that impacted many areas of his life. He later changed his name to 'DJ Rebirth', and he began building a strong reputation on the Christian scene.

"I was in a relationship at the time that just took a left turn," DJ Rebirth told The WEEKEND STAR.

He continued: "I believe that's what God used to get my attention, and I would have conversations with Him at nights after wilding out at events as a secular disc jockey."

After a lot of emotional struggles, from overcoming rejection to understanding the way a person trusts in a higher being, he decided to let go of that part of his life. Coming from a very religious household, he said "it was a just a matter of time" before he answered the call to become a Christian.

While the secular road was a rocky one before, it became smooth sailing for DJ Rebirth as he found ways to captivate the gospel-loving audience. Being used to the controversy of dancehall culture, he avoids gospel music that sparks any debate.

"I don't do controversy anymore, that part of my life does not exist," he said. "Although I play gospel music that is infused with dancehall, R&B and hip-hop genres, anything I select is supposed to tell a story when people hear me play."




He added that there are many gospel artistes who like controversy, but his work is about God - inspiring and allowing listeners to feel fulfilled.

"Each person presents their own motives, which might be seen as misleading. For example, an entertainer like Chozenn has chosen his path. People need to remember he is a businessman, a marketing guru, and strategist, so while he is praising God, he also thinks about the business aspect," said DJ Rebirth.

DJ Rebirth currently plays on a Saturday show on Love 101 FM titled 'Youth Connection' that reaches out to the younger generation, but he said that he does not need to play certain types of gospel-dancehall music to attract them.

"'Youth Connection' is all about educating them about new things by using religiously themed music, and that is basically me in a nutshell," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Meanwhile, DJ Rebirth said that he is now working towards planning and executing a party that targets Christians.

"That is missing in the industry. We are used to having concerts or ministerial-type events, and I refer to Jeremiah 29:11, which speaks to God having plans to prosper you and not to harm you. That's a verse I live by, and I believe that the party venture can do well for the gospel space," DJ Rebirth said.

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