STAR of the Month: Govana speaks about dancehall artiste doing gospel

September 11, 2018

4th Generation artiste Govana says that he thinks it hypocritical for a person of the dancehall to be doing gospel music.

“I am a God-fearing youth, mi nuh want God strike mi pon no stage,” said Govana.

The artise released Praise Jah earlier this year. The song spoke to giving thanks to a higher being, no matter the circumstances. And last month, the artiste’s camp released another track titled Pray.  Both songs show a more spiritual side to the dancehall deejay.

Govana, however, said it is not gospel music.

“If I was doing a gospel song, then I would be a converted Christian,” he said.

“Mi nah go be inna dancehall ah do a gospel song, but I will do a song  that refers to Jah or have lyrics in a song that are gospel-like,” he said.

When THE STAR asked what he thought about gospel artistes remixing dancehall songs he answered: “To each his own, but I personally would not do it. Every man has to face their own judgment.”

The dancehall deejay says that although he does not label himself as a Christian, he is definitely a spiritual person.

“I believe in a higher being but I don’t like the whole denomination and division. If anything, I am a strong believer of the Rastafarian movement,” he said. “All that debate about Christianity, Muslim and Judaism and all that talk about God, Allah and Buddha, I can’t follow those stuff.”

Govana says that if  there was ever a time he came close to embracing Christianity, it was in 2011 when he had a near-death experience.

“While in the hospital, there was an officer who went by the name Miss Goodman. She tell me say God ah tell me to change my life and fi left out of the street. If me did follow her, I woulda turn a Christian then.”

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