STAR of the Month: Emotional time for Govana as he visits his childhood homes

September 25, 2018
Govana chills with his uncle Roy Eccleston.
STAR of the Month Govana looks back at where his room used to be at the third home he lived in Spanish Town
Govana reflects on growing up in this house in the old capital.

The homes which STAR of the Month Govana grew up in are still standing on McGregor Lane, Worcester Road and Federal Road in Spanish Town.

These are places that the entertainer likes to visit every now and again to remind him of where he has come from.

The house on McGregor Lane is a large concrete structure with the cellar painted in earthy colours.

Govana spent a few minutes inspecting the premises and points out that the architecture was not very modern.

"The first four years of my life were spent in this house with the cellar. It was four of us in one room here and the bathroom was on the outside, what people called a tenement yard," said Govana. "If I remember anything about McGregor Lane it's the smell of boiled or fried egg every morning."




After a few minutes of raiding the two sweet sop trees which he said have always been in the yard, Govana motions to those present to follow him.

He expressed that the second place of abode was more of a room that his family rented for a short period.

Persons still occupied the entertainer's former homes, except for the third one located on the corner of Worcester and Federal Roads.

As we arrived at the house and opened the gate, Govana got lost in his childhood memories.

The window of his room presently has ply board nailed to it but he tries to peek through the cracks.

"Anytime rain fall the whole place wet, flood out," Govana recalled.

Govana's uncle (on his mother's side) Roy Eccleston consoled him as he silently scanned the exterior.

"Him treat the whole place like one community, born and grow, from Bobby Lane to where the houses are because him always all over the place," said Eccleston.

The entertainer tried to put his emotions into words.

"That emotional type of feeling happens naturally. Seeing weh we forward from to where we deh now, we feel joy but we are still humbled by all of it," Govana said. "This is the place my family and I were occupying before the 'big break', starting my career as a dancehall artiste. I spend most of my time here [Federal Road] more than anywhere else."

He said that he was still living at the Federal Road home when he was featured on Aidonia's chart topping 'Run Road' single in 2012, underlining how recent the memories are.

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