Shauna Chyn planning a 'White Christmas'

December 21, 2018
Shauna Chyn

As a child, it was never about the Christmas presents or the glowing tree for dancehall artiste Shauna Chyn.

Growing up in Port Antonio, Portland, the entertainer said while her mother could not afford the luxuries associated with the season, the holidays were highly anticipated on her calendar.

"I used to get my Christmas 'Dan Dan', as them would call it but for the most I used to go out with my mom, and even though she couldn't afford the big present, she always ensure say mi get a fresh outfit, and mi would go walk the park and ting," she said.

Her most memorable experience is the reunion of her family and unsupervised trips into the parish capital for Grand Market.

"I remember one year when the entire family come together, and it was an awesome Christmas. Every relative that I didn't see for a long time I would see, and before that we would go Grand Market. It was the one night where we would be free to do every little thing. I live in a small town, so when we get a chance to buck up inna a whole heap a people, it felt good," she said.

She told The Weekend STAR that this year's celebration will be quite the opposite as she is already feeling the spirit of the yuletide season.

"This year is going to be a very memorable one, because for the first time I will be having a tree ... a white one, of course, because is me say 'white Christmas'. I never used to celebrate holidays and even birthdays, but things have changed now. Mi decorate up the tree and mi actually a feel the spirit," Chyn said.

"My son is very excited also, because it's the first time he will be having a tree, also. I am going to make it very memorable for him, I am going to be his Santa Claus. He will be waking up and finding gifts under the tree. After that, we gonna meet up with some family to have dinner," the White Christmas singer added.

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