Davianah finding solace in Michelle Obama book

October 22, 2021

Having been through a tumultuous period in her life recently, Davianah has found solace by reading two books: Becoming, the 2018 memoir of former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, and the Holy Bible.

"I have had this book [ Becoming] for more than two months, still in plastic. One day, I felt like I was going into a deep hole and I was walking past the book, stopped, tore off the plastic and started reading," she told THE WEEKEND STAR of the Obama literature.

Described by the author as "a deeply personal experience", in Becoming she talks about her roots, finding her voice, her time in the White House and being a mother.

Davianah, often times labelled as "rebellious," made headlines recently when she was the victim of domestic abuse. At the time, she said that she "had better days".

Last Thursday, she was positively upbeat. "I am still living, I have God. I read the Bible and I refuse to stay down," she said.

Getting philosophical, she added: "There is a lot of good happening right there beside the bad. Happiness is a choice. I am learning that you alone can decide about your happiness. You can't depend on any other person or money or anything like that for your own happiness."

Although she made the decision to push back her Bad One EP release, originally set for September 30, she is still focused on music.

"I was working on the EP when all of this was happening and so I just pressed pause. It will be six songs, it is produced by me and will be distributed by Johnny Wonder. But I am still in the studio doing other work. Maybe it wasn't the right time for B ad One."

She shared a snippet of her latest song, Know it All, which she said was inspired by older persons who fit the description.

"People who are older than me, yuh can't tell dem nutten. Why me who have the experience can't tell you how I feel? These people are trying to tell you about yourself, like dem a reader man," she said. Davianah added that she was speaking generally. Know it All will be premiered on Saturday.

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