Fiercee1 joins forces with Kawylajay for new song

November 11, 2021

Recording artiste Fiercee1 has joined forces with singer Kawylajay on a new track titled For My Love.

"My new single speaks on infidelity as the name suggests, but it also speaks on an undying love I seem to have with the artiste I'm singing with and how much I'm willing to do to keep it," Fiercee1 he explained. The dancehall track has hints of Afrobeat influence and has been gaining attention from the general public.

"To be honest, I hope listeners take in its quality and soothingness. I always have the highest hopes for each and every track I release. Likewise, with my career, I think time will show my essence abundantly," said Fiercee1. With the official lyric video gaining traction on YouTube, an accompanying music video is currently in the pipeline.

With his exposure to music starting at a tender age, Fiercee1 has been on his professional journey for the past three years. His past singles include Shot Caller, Lion Heart and So Mi Dweet.

"I'd say the type of music I typically create would feature a reggae/dancehall vibe but I do venture into different avenues for sure," the artiste said. "I have an upcoming EP called Reflection. My new track is also a track from this body of work. I won't speak too much on it but I surely have to build anticipation and it will be worth every bit of your time."

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