ZheroDon is ‘on his game’

November 18, 2021

Recording artiste ZheroDon showcases his unique 'dancehall meets rap' style in his latest single titled On My Game.

"This track is a true story about the time recently when I was at rock bottom. I had no money, no one to turn to, lots on my mind. I recall that I didn't have the money to record a song or even time to work on my music because I was busy trying to get back on my feet, trying to make ends meet. I made lots of changes and sacrifices and did what I had to do to get back on track, back to chasing my career and thanks to God, it's going better now," the artiste explained.

Following the 20-second preview of the track that was posted to his social media pages, the anticipation for its November 12 release was already high and has so far been met with positive feedback.

"I'm hoping this track will be a big boost in my music career. I believe it has the potential to go far. I am also hoping to gain more supporters. I have lots of music from different genres and some on the way that people from all walks of life can relate to," he said.

Coming from a musical background, what started out as a hobby and a means of relaxation has now become a major part of ZheroDon's professional life.

"My style of music is different, I do dancehall as well as rap and my single Ex is a song that mixes rap and dancehall to cater to fans of both genres in one song. My single Love It is said to be the ladies' song, it's really catchy. I have lots of motivational songs including Message, One Time and The Journey, which is one of my personal favourites and my first music video," he said.

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