JayBlem single hits one million views

December 28, 2021
Chronic Law
Chronic Law

A single by rising dancehall deejay JayBlem recently hit the one million views mark for the first time.

The track, titled Rotten Teeth, feature fellow dancehall artiste Chronic Law.

" Rotten Teeth is a new slang that ah deal with the oral sex 'pandemic' out there, with the girls dem ah do the tings dem. Rotten Teeth was used in that context because I was using it as a hyperbole to show [an] exaggeration of the message that the song is sending. Modern girls love to be freaks," JayBlem said.

The song's official music video, by Vartex Studios, hit the million milestone approximately two weeks ago, and represents a major landmark for the athlete-turned-deejay.

"[The year] 2021 was a year of good and bad, ups and downs. So I'd say it's a year of getting more experience, developing my vocabulary, learning more about music and preparing for the mainstream audience," he said.

The deejay's latest single is Street Knowledge. The song, which was released on the popular Still a Bleed rhythm, is jointly produced by Attomatic Music, DJ Mac Productions and Dynasty Entertainment Group.

The project also features artistes such as Chronic Law, Squash, Rygin King, Silk Boss and Jahshii.

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