Damadon says ‘I Believe’

March 08, 2022

Recording artiste Damadon gets inspirational in his recent musical release titled I Believe.

"This song covers self-belief, self-motivation, consistency and elevation," the artiste explained. He has great expectations for the track, which was released late last year.

"My first hope for this track is for it to inspire those people who don't believe in themselves, which may raise self-consciousness. I hope this track changes lives in a positive way, so that we all could live again as one. It's a huge hope, right? I know it is definitely possible," he said. An accompanying music video is currently being planned and will be premiered in the coming months.

Hailing from Highgate in St Mary, Damadon has been building his name over the past three years, channelling his long-time passion for music into his work. Describing his music style as 'classic', he attempts to make fun and entertaining music that is also relatable, while sending a relevant message.

"My music is a meditation for many people who listen to it. I want to make my impact on the industry by using a persistent strategy, making connections with reality; so I make sure to reflect that in my music," he stated. His past releases include Intoxicated, Nobody Nuh Perfect and Crazy.

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