Dancer Bull is ready for the spotlight

July 05, 2022
Dancer Bull
Dancer Bull

Young performer Dancer Bull says that he's charging full speed ahead with his career.

The easy-going dancer, who lists Pata Skeng, Shelly Belly and Wacky Grandson among the dancers who have inspired him, is confident that it won't be long before he becomes a top act.

"I've been dancing for about three years now. I've learned a lot from the dancers who I look up to, and I've also developed my own unique style. When I go out and touch the dance floor, people are paying attention to me now because my style is hot," he said.

Dancer Bull is planning to heat up the dance scene this summer with his new dance move called 'Push'.

"Everywhere I perform this dance move it creates havoc. Every time I do it, people gather around me to catch the style and do it, too. It's catching on in the streets like wildfire. I'm confident that it's going to be one of the most popular dance moves this summer," said Dancer Bull.

The performer is getting ready to make his international debut. He's booked to perform at an event dubbed the 'All-White Day Party' on July 24 in Toronto, Canada.

"This is my first international performance and I am looking forward to it. I'm going to deliver a very exciting performance for the people in Canada. It's going to be epic," he said.

Dancer Bull, given name Clement Kirk Francis, hails from the Majesty Gardens community in St Andrew. He's a graduate of the Haile Selassie High School.

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