Posh Morris overcoming medical challenges

August 15, 2022
Posh Morris
Posh Morris

STAR Writer

Posh Morris is in a reflective mood and counting her blessings after medical challenges threatened to derail her career before she got her big break in the music.

"The last year was filled with medical issues ... I got up one morning and couldn't walk but I was involved in a car accident 10 years ago and since then I have had severe back problems. One day I woke up last year and I wasn't walking and that lasted a week or so, and you can imagine as an artiste that is very nerve-wracking," she shared.

Posh Morris shared that she also suffered from Bell's palsy, a condition that causes weakness in the muscles of the face.

"This happened less than three months ago. My face was twisted and as a performer I need my face. They say I am a beautiful girl and who wouldn't want to remain the beautiful girl that they say I am? My voice and pronunciation and enunciation, I am very keen on that when I'm performing. It's hard for me to get on a beat. My writing was off, my timing was off. I couldn't eat from a fork, couldn't eat from a spoon, it's been a journey," she said. The 4th Genna camp member said that she has been doing speech therapy.

"I had to do electroshocks, physiotherapy on my legs and on my brain. People have reached out to me and said they didn't know that someone who had Bell's palsy could be deejaying like this," she added.

Despite the setbacks she remains grateful. "Big up Father God every time," she asserted.

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