JaRIA head wants embrace of new reggae voices

January 16, 2023
Ewan Simpson
Ewan Simpson

Chairman of the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA), Ewan Simpson, has warned of serious implications for reggae music if new-age entertainers are not made to feel welcome in the space.

"Locally, we need to embrace reggae, which means embracing the new voices of the genre," Simpson told THE STAR in an interview.

"Reggae music cannot be seen as music done in 60s to 70s but it has to be seen as what is being done now. And so, if we, as an organisation that supports the reggae industry, ostracises or ignores the new generation of writers, of creators, of technicians, then we are doing it to our own peril," Simpson said.

The JaRIA chairman said that the organisation has been providing a platform for emerging acts to showcase their talents.

"The Chronixx's and Kabaka Pyramid's of this world came through a JaRIA Reggae Wednesday," Simpson said. "We have a history of emerging acts who have progressed and continue to do very well, and we will continue to do that with our future Reggae Month executions."

Simpson warned that "if we do not celebrate Reggae Month as one, we cannot recognise the full potential of the genre and Jamaica".

February has been designated Reggae Month celebration.

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