Macka Diamond calls for unity - Gives advice to Queen Ifrica

May 24, 2023
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

Dancehall veteran Macka Diamond is hell-bent on maintaining her dignity and moving far away from a squabble between Minister Marion Hall and Queen Ifrica which grew tentacles to include her in a lyrical showdown that is anything but music to the ears.

Queen Ifrica called Macka Diamond's name in an uncomplimentary manner during a live video in which she was primarily hitting out at Minister Hall, who is making her return to the dancehall stage on Reggae Sumfest, as she says "to win souls".

"I was shocked when I heard my name. I didn't expect it at all. Imagine yuh a watch something from yuh Rastafarian sister and then yuh hear this negativity? All kinds of people have been trying to draw me out and I have been ignoring them, but this lioness is awake now," Macka Diamond told THE STAR.

In her clapback to Queen Ifrica, Macka Diamond asked some personal relationship questions, to which she then suggested some answers.

"I had to shut it down. I am not vulgar and mi can't fake curse. I said what I had to say and move on. The Internet is that space where people say whatever dem feel like, but there is also things like DM (direct message). If yuh have a problem with me or Spice or any one of we, send we a DM nuh," the Don't Disturb Mi artiste said.

Macka Diamond revealed that Queen Ifrica did in fact send her a direct message.

"But that was after she said what she said on the live. And she repeated what she said and added other things to it. I could have responded again, but instead I blocked her. I don't do circus. I have too many important things to do," she said.

Top of Macka Diamond's list currently is her EP and her fresh new image, which has seen her scrubbing her Instagram account before returning on May 12 brand new.

"Everybody is loving the look. I am definitely starting afresh. My marketing team has some great ideas. I have a series of shows lined up for the US, we are putting out new music ... it's forward march for me," she shared. She, however, had one final word of advice for Queen Ifrica.

"Tek it to the music. We need the female dem to unite and tek back the music. All this squabbling is for idlers. Time is serious, we need to live life to the best and the fullest," she said.

She also sent condolences to the family of her "dear friend Boom Dandimite" who passed away last Sunday.

"Boom was one of the artistes who would always message me and tell me that I am a 'fighter jet'. When I heard [about his passing] I called his babymama to ask if it was true. I cried. Throughout the years he was always there for us when we go foreign because he was travelling before us. Boom was a good person. May his soul rest in peace," Macka Diamond said.

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