Mr G releases one drop project

May 25, 2023
Mr G
Mr G

Veteran dancehall artiste and producer Mr G has released his 'Promise Land' one drop project as he aims to provide what he described as "substance music" as the "world has been requesting music that is palatable to everyone".

"We need music that can be played everywhere and everybody will like what they are hearing and it will be palatable to the mass, meaning not just music for the corner or fi the super hardcore. We need music that can go through every crevasse and corner," he reasoned.

He identified his hit single Swaggerific as an example of palatable music that is not readily available to the masses in contemporary dancehall music.

"It's not a soft song but it is not an outrageous energy weh you can't play anywhere. It can be played among your children, among your parents, among teachers, lawyers, doctors, everybody. It is palatable so everyone can enjoy it," he said.

He emphasised that he is not telling artistes to limit their creativity but pointed out that it is not a one size fits all scenario.

"There is a time and place for everything but right now people are gearing up back to hear songs that have a broad scale appeal and this is where my headspace is at. I've never been someone to limit myself in terms of reach, so we are always looking to capture attention from the world," he said.

"People want palatable, family oriented, party, energetic music not just songs expounding on gunshot or explicit things about women. They want music that can reach everywhere whether it be a one drop rhythm like Promised Land or a dancehall rhythm that has a good feel and good energy to it," he said.

The project was released in March and features seasoned artistes like Capleton and Sizzla, alongside up-and-comers like Phalkon, who Mr G said brings a breath of fresh air to the music. "His music is both deep meditation, fun and romantic for lovers as well. Aisha Davis is also one to watch as her style is different from the typical artiste," he said.

"The rhythm basically chose who it wanted on it because most of the songs were not planned for, they just happened because of the vibe around the rhythm," he added.

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