RhomeDaDon drops ‘Reggae Champ’ compilation

June 05, 2023
Ramon ‘RhomeDaDon’ Lindsay
Ramon ‘RhomeDaDon’ Lindsay

In a quest to re-emerge on the music production scene, visual director/producer Ramon 'RhomeDaDon' Lindsay has dropped his ' Reggae Champ' project, which is an ode to the juggling nature of the music.

Featuring notable acts such as Delly Ranx, Turbulence and Razor B, the compilation also hosts other artistes such as Ricky Ten, 1MrSmooth and Unstoppable Fyah.

Turbulence's We Are Champions represents a groundbreaking track for his reggae group Higher Trod, which is also featured on the track. The group's members, such as Sunny Trod, Nyshann, Makaru, Great 1 and Dre'zz, were given the opportunity to be a part of a track which Turbulence believes is capable of creating history.

According to RhomeDaDon, the project is aimed at bringing a high-energy reggae feel for the summer.

"It's a good feeling to be back in the production space of music, because for so long I was focused on videography and editing, rather than music. Music is my first love and that's why I took the time needed to master my craft before stepping out again. I wanted to ensure I was positively adding to the culture through my work, and the Reggae Champ project is definitely setting that tone. All of the tracks present with a high energy, backed with positive lyrics, and I am confident that this project will dominate for eras to come," he said.

While RhomeDaDon continues to fervently promote his latest project, he said that he is currently finalising his follow-up release with Grammy-nominated artiste Devin Di Dakta.

"I have additional impending projects that will be out throughout the rest of the year that, I am confident, will serve music lovers well. I'm working on delivering music that fans can relate to while having a good time, and, so far, the fans have been responding well, and I'm grateful," he said.

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