I Born thrilled to collab with legend Junior Reid

June 09, 2023
Junior Reid (left) and I Born
Junior Reid (left) and I Born

Reggae legend Junior Reid and I Born have released the single Frontline which captures the reality of the streets.

I Born said the reaction to the song has been "overwhelming". The artiste, who hails from Mount Vernon, New York, was influenced by hip-hop at a young age and has now hooked up with Reid, an artiste whose talent he admires.

"While at the studio, [producer] Rsonist was making the beat, and I walked in on it and was like, 'Yo, what's that?' But he didn't complete it. So after recording Look What I've Become, I asked him if he ever finished the beat. So Rsonist played it, and he said a reggae artiste would be fire on the song. I was a fan of Junior Reid and asked Rsonist if he could link me with him. The rest is now history, as the song was recorded and gained traction on the airwaves and in the streets," he said.

I Born said that since their first meeting, he and Reid have hit it off, and he feels he has now gained a brother in him. I Born said that the music served as inspiration for the lyrics, which he and Junior Reid co-wrote. He said once Reid heard the music, it moved his soul to come up with the lyrics to the hook in 20 minutes.

"He sent it back to me, and I composed my lyrics off of Junior Reid's melody, and together we have created a masterpiece," he said, sharing that the video was shot in the heart of Kingston, with people coming out to show their love. It was a special moment for I Born, as it was his first time among the people in Jamaica, quite unlike his resort experience on the island.

"I was really on the streets of Kingston, and the vibe was crazy! The youth made the experience for me unforgettable, and to see the people sing the song as we shot the scenes let me know that we have a hit, and that I was in the right place at the right time," he said.

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