Entertainment Diary , SATURDAY


October 15, 2016
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer This hot number wasn't afraid to show off her outfit during Young Cat Promotion Summa Splash Lovers Choice Party at Campdem Crescent, St Andrew, recently


Pauline, as 'Sister P', presents her Birthday Party, at the corner of Love and Manning streets, Jones Town. Music by Popular Disco. Food on the house.

SUNDAY, October 16

Soaking Wet, Sip and Dip Edition, pool party and cook-out, at Trinity head quarters, King Weston, Lawrence Tavern, from noon to midnight.

MONDAY, October 17

Heroes Showdown Push Cart Derby, at Red Gal Ring, Stony Hill. Races start at 10 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m. Admission is free.

Grace Tropical Rhythms Port Royal Seafood Festival, at Port Royal football field. Featuring Ninja Man, I-Octane, Kevin Downswell, Romain Virgo, Dancin' Dynamites and Admiral Bailey. Admission: $1,000, children under 12 free.

St Catherine

Jamaica Family Fest, at Portmore Mall Park, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Featuring performances by Lieutenant Stitchie, Alaine, Joan Flemmings, Marlon Young, Jermaine Gordon, Dunamis, Lucas Musiq and Levy's Heritage. Attractions include mechanical bull, bungee, trampoline, bounceabouts, ferris wheels, face-painting and other attractions. Admission: free.

WEDNESDAY, October 19

Kingston & St Andrew

Telecommunications Standards and Trends 2016, at Spanish Court Conference Centre, 16 Worthington Avenue.

FRIDAY, October 21

Spot Light, at Spratters Corner, Ninth Street, Arnett Gardens. Music by Stone Love. Also featuring Tuff-A-Lie and DHQ Sherene.


Dye Dye Girls presents Wait Yuh Turn, at Badda Badda Place, Henessy Pub, Gayle. Music by Exxtacy Sound, Tripple C, DJ U and Juff and Pan a Knock.

St Mary

Beer Links Family Annual October Party, at Beer Links, Boscobels. Food & refreshments on sale. Admission: free.

FRIDAY, October 28

Kingston & St Andrew

Alpha Acadamy Sports Department presents Fish Fry and After-Work Lyme, at the school grounds, Alpha Academy. Serving starts at noon. Cost: $1,200. Refreshments on sale.

St Elizabeth

Simonese, in association with HW Wishart Family, presents Sea View Invasion, at Seaview, across from the primary school. Music by Black Champion International, Ratty Bones, and Slimmatic. Special guest artiste Dalia Lloyd.

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