Entertainment Diary, THURSDAY


October 27, 2016
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer The fabulous Swagg Mumma, the queen from Money Time Team poses during Magnum Beach O Rama at Brooks Pen Beach, 8 Miles, Bull Bay, St Andrew recently.


Kingston & St Andrew

Heritage Fest 2016 - Our Heritage, Your Festival, starting at 10 a.m. at 10-16 East Street, downtown Kingston. Featuring Jamaican cuisine, an array of local herbs and spices, jewellery, crafts, and downtown bus tour at affordable prices. There will also be a Farmers' Market as well as fun activities for children. Live concert featuring Bare Essentials Band. Admission: free.

RJR and The Gleaner Company's netball team present Male and Female Auction, at the RJR Sports Club, 32 Lyndhurst Road, Kingston 5. Starts 7 p.m. Win a date with your pick. Admission: free.

This and every Friday, NK Deli and Salsa Society of Jamaica present Pre-Game Fridays, 2-4-1 Happy Hour, at New Kingston Conference Centre (upstairs New Kingston Business Centre). Free salsa classes at 6 p.m. Latin dancing continues until 10 p.m. Music by DJ Drizzy Dre & DJ Chan. Telephone: 754-8714.

This and every Friday, Jackpot Sports Bar presents Come Drink with Me, 42 Giltress Street, Rollington Town, Kingston 2. Every Friday and Saturday, reduced prices on all drinks, lots of giveaways and free tokens to play slots.

Alpha Academy Sports Department presents Fish Fry and After-Work Lyme, at the school grounds. Serving starts at noon. Cost: $1,200. Refreshments on sale.

St Elizabeth

Simonese, in association with HW Wishart Family, presents Sea View Invasion, at Seaview, across from the primary school. Music by Black Champion International, Ratty Bones and Slimmatic. Special guest artiste: Dalia Lloyd.

SATURDAY, October 29

Kingston & St Andrew

Hope Fellpwship Church presents Prise-a-Thon, at 23 Molynes Road, Kingston 10. Guest artistes: Jermaine Gordon and Soul Touch Ministries. Participating churches and ministries include Praise Deliverance Ministry, Escarpment Road, Portmore Holiness Christian Church, Hope Fellowship Church, and Anointed Dance Ministry. Master of ceremonies: Omar Letford.

SUNDAY, October 30

Kingston & St Andrew

Karla Tulloch presents Karla and Friends in Concert, at The Blue Room, Phoenix Theatre, 8 Haining Road, New Kingston. Featuring acts such as David 'Michael-David' Feare from Montego Bay. Admission: $1,500.

Wowski Barbers and Dawg Belly Entertainment present In Ah Di Gully Wi Gone, the ultimate midday-to-midnight wet-and-dry party, at Goldsmith Villa, entrance off Mona Road. Hosted by Lincoln 3 Dot. Music by Fire Links, DJ Toxik, and DJ Metal. Admission: free.

FRIDAY, November 4

RJR and The Gleaner present Sweat, on the roof of the RJR Sports Club, 32 Lyndhurst Road, Kingston 5. Music by DJ Kurt Riley, Rodrick, Delly, Tropical, Xavier and Naz. Starts 7 p.m. Admission: $500. Food and drinks on sale.

Y Dem a Change Plan - Part Four, at 11 Grove Road, Kencot, Kingston 10. Music by Stone Love, Alanzo Hawk, Sean 13 and DJ Tom.

Jamaica Constabulary Force Narcotics Division presents Food Jamboree and Dance, at The Police Officers' Club, 34 Hope Road, Kingston 10. All proceeds in aid of a policeman in need of a liver transplant and a paralysed ex-policeman. Music by Stone Love. Tickets, $1,000.

SATURDAY, November 5

Oberlin High School's 70th Anniversary Gala Reunion Dinner, at The Knutsford Court Hotel, 16 Chelsea Avenue, at 7:30 p.m. Guest speaker: Reverend Ronald Thwaites. Contribution per person is $6,500. Proceeds in aid of the school's computer lab. Contact Doreen Mallett for further information at 864-8110.

SUNDAY, November 6

Bachelor Chef Cook-out, at Police Officers' Club, 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Admission: $2,500 pre-sold and $3,000 at the gate.

FRIDAY, November 25

Dan-Tay Productions presents Breaking the Ice, at Rocky Place, 87 Molynes Road, Kingston 10. Music by Mega Tone, Snippa Kid. Admission: $300 at the gate, $500 pre-sold.

Cindy presents Elegant But Seductive, at Double Deck, Rocky Valley, Stony Hill. Music by Stainless Supreme, K9 International, Burkey Hype, RXR Bigg . Refreshments on sale.

SATURDAY, November 26

St Elizabeth

Liquid Panty Remova Stage Show, at Watchwell Square. Featuring Devin Di Doctor, Ja Glory, Ja Rooti, Jah Mason, Kip Rich, Simple Touch, Jacks International and others. Admission: $600 pre-sold, $800 at the gate.

FRIDAY, December 9

Cubanz Universal Link-Up, at New Market Community Centre, New Market. Music by Bass Odyssey, Fire Reds from South Florida, Base Star, and Kemar Genius. Featuring raffle prizes of bike and flat-screen TV.

SATURDAY, December 10


S.F.C Crew Promotion in association with Charmaine and Soupy, presents, Bubble Gal a Bubble, luncheon and after-party at Echo Nightclub, Buff Bay. Menu oxtail, curried goat, cow head, tripe and bean, fried and barbequed chicken, escovitched and steamed fish, and stewed pork. Oxtail and fish, $700, other meals, $500.

SATURDAY, December 17

St Elizabeth

Handel and Horn present Uppa Level, at Vinny Sampson place, Cheapside. Featuring Energy Zone.

SATURDAY, December 24

Rae Town Jamboree, at Rae Town football field. Featuring Gully Bop, Turbulence, Baby Trish, Stacious and many others. All proceeds go towards the Paradise Street Basic School.

SUNDAY, December 25


Raul and Tav present 14th Annual Christmas Party, a day-and-night event, at The Super Store, Alligator Pond Square. Music by DJ Fatnine, DJ Skibbu, Mighty Rock, Hot Cash and Crawbi, and Whench Killa.

SATURDAY, January 28

Shanique presents Big Money Popping Any Weh Me Go, at Ninth Street, Greenwich Town, Kingston 13. Music by Presto Mix and Classic Team. Guest Selector Squeeze Eye. Pictures by Domz.

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