Entertainment Diary December 7


December 07, 2016
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer She's pure in white at Divas Night Out party at Northside Bar & Lounge, in Liguanea, in St Andrew recently.

FRIDAY, December 9

St Elizabeth

Cubanz Universal Link-Up, at New Market Community Centre, New Market. Music by Bass Odyssey, Fire Reds from South Florida, Base Star and Kemar Genius. Featuring raffle prizes of a bike and a flat-screen TV.

Kingston and St Andrew

Kadi presents Big Money Popping, at Mount Friendship. Music by DJ Matthew and San Hype.

SATURDAY, December 10

Kingston and St Andrew

Intoxicated Overdose, at O'Neil's Place, 33 Hagley Park Road (on the roof). Music by Snipa International. Admission: females $500, males $800 pre-sold, $1,000 at the gate.


S.F.C. Crew Promotion, in association with Charmaine and Soupy, presents Bubble Gal a Bubble, luncheon and after-party, at Echo Nightclub, Buff Bay. Menu: oxtail, curried goat, cow head, tripe and bean, fried and barbecued chicken, escoveitched and steamed fish, and stewed pork. Oxtail and fish $700; other meals $500.

SUNDAY, December 11

St Ann

Tifa's Birthday Celebration, Aqua meets Bubbles, Water Mania edition, at Jewel Lagoon Water Park, Runaway Bay, 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.

FRIDAY, December 16

Kingston and St Andrew

Damion Tequila Boss Birthday Bash, Special Edition, at Rotty Bar, Stony Hill. Music by Super Mix.

SATURDAY, December 17

Kingston & St Andrew

Replenish Boss Kemar presents Replenish Reloaded, at Shoppy's Car Wash, Stony Hill. Music by Super G Sound, San Hype, DJ Blacks, DJ Brando.


Young African, New Money and Top Man present Intoxication, The All-Black Event, at Peppers Jerk Centre, 20 Duke Street, Falmouth. Music by Map Head, Dexta Peppa and Shotta Hype, Vybz Machine. Admission: $500.

St Elizabeth

Handel and Horn present Uppa Level at Vinny Sampson place, Cheapside. Featuring Energy Zone.


Stop the Violence Music Festival at Bourbon Beach, Negril. Featuring Culture, Ras Zacharri, Abajonai Kushites, Filantro Lavah, Lexi, Classic B, Chicken Hawk and Larry Smoove. Speaking out against violence and promoting education.

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