Abusive husband transformed into good Christian


October 22, 2015

This week, the story is about broken relationships from people all over the world. For instance, this particular man from overseas visited my office stating that his wife had left him for the past six months, and he wanted her to return to the matrimonial home. He was crying and looked depressed. He also mentioned that the children needed their mom and were getting backward in their classes.

I later found out that he was a problem (because he was an abuser) in the relationship, so that's why his wife left the matrimonial home. Apart from the abuse, he was also an alcoholic.

I then convinced him to stop the drinking, and to see a pastor who would counsel him about his abusive behaviour. I later blessed him and presently he is living a normal Christian life with his wife. So convincing was his transformation that the world would think he was born a Christian.

To be honest with my attentive readers, this story is about an attractive woman who lives in Kingston, and who was pregnant at the time of her visit. She was married for two years. She claimed her husband left her for another woman during her pregnancy, which was true.

The task at hand wasn't a difficult one because I studied the act of KABALA (Ancient Kabalistic writings), manuscripts, seals and Tallisman (Ancient secrets for a better life), meaning to discover places and bulk proportion of anyone. To do this task, you have to arrive at a perfect state of metro physique with faith, trust and magnetism with the Almighty.

With this state of scientific physique of the body, you can draw anyone or anything towards you. In a few days the job was complete, and her husband is now back in her arms. What the Almighty put together, let no one pull them apart.

My dear readers, this story is about a woman from Kingston who had light complexion, but had several small black patches of spots all over her body.

After a close look, I came up with the conclusion that this was wangler. This is a form of witchcraft that, when used, causes one's body to come with these small black spots.

This form of physical illness cannot be detected in the bloodstream. These black rashes or spots itches one's body and irritates it. Well, to my readers, this is a warning, do not leave any possession (clothing, shoes, etc.) careless or else people will use this form of witchcraft to trick you. You will end up scorning your very own self.

To my faithful readers, I did my part of the job at the office, and, with some spiritual help and lot of fasting and praying, the job was completed within six months. This lady is now baptised and going to church on a regular basis.

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