My Confession: I fell in love with my dead ex's twin brother


October 23, 2015

A bet this happen to more than one woman ... (dead wid laugh). Here goes.

Mi member when mi did a date this guy, Marcus*, from St Mary. Everything between wi did alright. Mi know him did have a brother, but I never get fi meet him yet.

Anyways, me and Marcus did have big plans fi get married, but him mada file fi him so him end up go weh abroad, and we lost contact.

But some time after, him come back and we go a country go look fi him grandmother. So mi and har sit down pon the veranda one day a chat. Me never once call Marcus by him name, me always call him babes, but this time him did deh far so me bawl out him name and seh, "Marcuuuus!"

Granny look pon me and ask who mi a call so, and ask if mi miss Marcus. Same time me start wonder wah she a talk bout. So me wid my confuse self ask har wah she a chat bout.

The woman go inna d house and come back with a funeral programme with Marcus picture pon it, and she seh a two years now him dead, so me ask har a who that then. She seh a Marcus twin bother. Me run a scream out.

Apparently, Marcus died when he was overseas and his brother came out here to visit. When I saw the guy looking like Marcus, I thought it was him, so I ran to him and hugged him and asked him why him neva call me! From there we had exchanged numbers again and resumed the relationship. I thought it was Marcus, but it was his twin brother!

When I found out what really happened, it was too late to break up because I already fell in love with him! We're still together.

*Name changed

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