Paternity Puzzle | My mother believes it's not my son

October 23, 2015

Unlike the typical paternity issue, the doubts of this child's biological father are not from the parents, but from the mother of the alleged father.

According to Tania Brown*, the father had accepted the child as his prior to the influence of his mother.

The 24-year-old woman says the complexion of her son is the only basis on which her former mother-in-law has based her doubts.

"His mother start talking that my son is brown and he (the father) is black and so are his two other children," Brown said.

But the mother, who had her child at 19 years old, says she is certain that the child's biological father is the man who she named on her son's birth certificate.

"Me 100 per cent sure the child is his because I wasn't involved with anyone else," added Brown.

Fitzroy Thompson*, the man at the centre of this issue, is not as certain as Brown.

"I have doubts because I

wasn't around her much at the time she got pregnant," Thompson told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But these suspicions did not come about until the child was two years old and persons around Thompson started highlighting the fact that Thompson's other children were darker than the little boy.

Despite the difference in skin colour, 28-year-old Thompson admits that his mother's doubts are the major influence behind him questioning the paternity of the child.

In what is an ironic twist, both Thompson and Brown believe their son looks like a member of Thompson's family. Thompson believes the child resembles his mother's father, while Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR that her son looks like Thompson's mother.

Brown says that although Thompson has never expressed reservations about the paternity of the child, she wants the DNA test to be completed so that she can move on with her life.

Thompson also wants the test done so he can continue supporting the child with whom he says he already has a relationship.

"I just want get it done and show her (his mother) that he is my son," he added.

* Name changed.

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