October 23, 2015
File Alison Sweeney plays Sami on Days of Our Lives


Thomas resisted the urge to reconnect with Charlotte the intern for fear of upsetting his dad once again. Julius attempted to recruit an unsuspecting pawn in his backup plan to fight against what he felt was wrong. Always wanting nothing but happiness for her son, Quinn grilled Wyatt about his relationship with Ivy. Vivienne's maternal instincts overrode her devotion to her husband. Julius' confession drove an even bigger wedge between himself and Maya. Thomas redirected his attention towards someone Ridge would approve of. Nicole began having doubts about being a surrogate for her sister. Wyatt was given cause for concern after seeing Ivy connecting with someone else. Pam and Charlie's Halloween party was the event of the season.

Watch For: A father begs his child to rethink a decision. A family gathers together to discuss a serious topic. An eligible bachelor sets his sights on someone who isn't available.


Steve and Bo tried to escape a deadly situation by working together. Chaos erupted at Hope's bachelorette party. Daniel was concerned about Eric's behaviour. An inebriated Aiden made a startling confession to Hope. Eve planned to avenge her daughter's murder by attacking Chad while he was in a coma. Abigail was shaken by Ben's intense rage. Hope considered postponing her wedding to Aiden. Marlena was upset when John was called away on an ISA mission. Chad was arrested for the Necktie murders. Eric received an urgent message from Sami. Bo risked everything to try to reach Salem before Hope's wedding.

Watch For: Abigail stumbles upon incriminating evidence against Ben. Caroline senses that Bo is in immediate danger. Stefano and AndrE wished Hope good luck at her wedding.


Jake gave Spinelli some crucial information to help uncover his identity. Ric offered Sonny some legal advice that he didn't want to hear. Dillon came close to revealing the truth about Dante to Lulu. Ava made a plea to Kiki to help her win back Avery. Elizabeth was moved by Jake's genuine paternal instincts after they took the kids trick-or-treating. Dante confessed his indiscretion to Sonny. Lulu found some revealing footage from Dillon's movie. Ava had an emotional moment with Paul. Elizabeth received a special wedding gift from her grandmother and started to feel nervous about her upcoming big day. Carly discovered some mind-blowing information. Paul sought out Anna on the pier and made a confession.

Watch For: Jake wonders why Hayden is eager to attend his wedding. Lulu unleashes her fury. Paul advises Anna on how to deal with Sonny.


Billy and Victoria visited Delia's tree at Chancellor Park and told her spirit that she could finally rest in peace. Victor spent time with Connor and told him how much Adam loved him. Joe broke up a physical altercation between Devon and Cane that erupted over Lily's disappearance. Neil got impatient with Dr Neville when he couldn't predict when Hilary would wake up. Victoria pushed Billy to admit that he blamed himself for Delia's accident. Ashley confided in Victoria about her feelings for Stitch but vowed to suppress them. Victor and Jack pressed Kevin to find out who was behind the latest Paragon attack. Lily told Joe that she regretted sleeping with him. Phyllis and Nikki worked together on planning the Halloween gala to benefit the Delia Project.

Watch For: Adam stares death in the face. Ashley is caught in the line of fire. Devon reunites with Hilary at the gala.

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