Suss with Latty Goodaz


October 23, 2015
File Konshens
Chin Chin and Gully Bop
File Gully Bop and Shauna Chin
File Darrio
File Asafa Powell takes a moment to have fun at Pelican Bar in Parottee, St Elizabeth, on day one of his 2016 calendar shoot.

Suss with Latty Goodaz

Bad we bad, Gaza, bad we bad. Jah Jah rise me out of my bed, give thanks fi a new week. Bless up all a who fi get bless and all who nuh like we can go suck a egg. Latty Goodaz say dat!

Usain Bolt, we rate you to the max!! You say Gaza and a dat we say too! Nuff artiste a try impersonate, imitate and a try replicate Kartel, but dem caan ketch up!! Kartel inna prison and nuff artiste voice box lock up in deh wid him. Nuff a dem artistes ya lyrics dung a Horizon wid Kartel. Big up Usain, you a the athlete don a road.

Me caan big up Usain and nuh big up Asafa 'Calendar Model' Powell. Nuff people a run off them mouth bout say you stop run, but when you body up like seven, you haffi show it off. A nuh every athlete can be calendar model 'cause some a dem don't look good day nor night. Asafa please sign a calendar and send to Latty Goodaz mek me hang it up pon mi bedroom wall.

Darrio really gone lef Subkonshus fi true. The man say him contract up last year and him never want cut lef Konshens inna the miggle a the Masicka and Demarco war. A who lef round a Subkonshus now? A Konshens alone round deh?

Miss Shauna Chin, me see you post picture wid Gully Bop name tattoo pon you body. Me like how you a represent fi you man, but wha a go happen when unuh lef? You say Bop nah go tattoo your name pon him because him fraid a needle, but it look like him still fraid a dentist also. But big unuh self.

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