The joy of having twins

November 07, 2015
Horace Fisher Demarwrey (left) and Demawney James with their mother Faye Robinson

Childbearing and childrearing can best be described as two contrasting emotions, with the first nine months packed with discomfort and pain, while the other half is mostly a picture of joy and bliss.

However, when twins are involved, the pain and discomfort can be doubled, likewise the joy and the bliss.

For first-time-mother Faye Robinson, it's a lesson she experienced first-hand after conceiving twin boys. She faced a high-risk pregnancy and spent the majority of the nine months in hospital. However, after giving birth to Demarwrey and Demawney, the joy she gets has since been an overwhelming experience.

"I was overjoyed when I realised I was going to have twins because I was treated like royalty, but it was a very difficult pregnancy. I practically moved into the Mandeville Hospital," Robinson, a dental auxiliary nurse from Longwood in Clarendon, recalled. "But when I gave birth to my two sons, it was like I had moved permanently into heaven, and watching them grow up has been an indescribable joy to me."

Robinson said the boys' father's family's lineage has twins, likewise hers, therefore, within a month of conceiving, the doctor suspected she was carrying a twin and recommended an ultrasound.

With the ultrasound's results confirming the doctor's suspicions and the onset of a difficult pregnancy, the options were for her to have a Cesarean section. In the end, however, she managed a natural birth.

Robinson, who has also given birth to a beautiful baby girl, says the now 12-year-old boys, who are first-formers at Clarendon College, are identical, close, outspoken but caring, and possess good manners.

Demarwrey and Demawney, who, after doing their early schooling at the Racecourse Primary School, are delighted to be going to the same high school, and as both would like to pursue engineering careers, they may be inseparable for a long time.

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