Saved from a dark pit

January 02, 2016
George Henry George Smith

Name: George Smith

Church: Dykes Hill New Testament Church of God in Clarendon.

Position: Pastor

How long have you been saved: I have been saved since 2006.

How did you get your conviction: I was by myself one evening when the Lord called me. The Lord showed me two pits; one for myself and the other for a friend of mine. The Lord said to me that if I did not respond to His voice, then there was a dark pit in which I was going to fall, and there was no way of escaping than to surrender to Him. I went to church that night and never waited for the invitation to be extended for me to surrender to the Lord. I walked to the altar and gave my life to God.

What has been your most challenging moment: The most challenging time for me was when I surrendered my life to the Lord. There were persons who did not want to associate with me because they said I was mad. I knew for a fact that the call of God was on my life; and so I stuck to that feeling which I had, knowing that God had called me. The persons who doubted me and could not assess my calling, told to them that they should not worry because they would not understand then, but God would work it out in the future to show them that I was not mad; and it worked out because, at that time when I went to church, persons wanted to run out of church because the 'devil' was coming. But I knew that I was called by God and I stuck by the calling, and today those who doubted came back and have seen that the call of God is indeed on my life.

Message to Christians: Do not play church, because playing church will not help you. When you play church, you are messing up your own self and you are not doing anybody any wrong; you are hurting your own self.

Message to non-Christians: Whatever you are going to do to your soul and God, you have to do it now because the time is short.

Favourite Bible scripture: Psalm 91

Your favourite song: Living by faith (and fear no alarm).


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