Dishonest prisoner


December 04, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am a fan of your column in the STAR. You give good advice to the people who have questions. They must really appreciate you. I am from Haiti.

I love the people from the island. I am writing to you seeking a female companion. One who wants to live in America. I would expect her to invite me to the island. I am 26 years and interested in someone who is between the ages of 25 and 30.

I made a promise that if I marry someone, she would have to come from Haiti or Jamaica. I am young and athletic. I am also an ambitious man who loves to enjoy life.

I hope you can help me, pastor. Thank you.


Dear J.F.,

I have observed from your letter that you are incarcerated. You should have indicated that in the body of your letter and you should have also mentioned why you are in prison and when you would be released.

It would have also helped to know what type of work you did before you were sentenced to prison, whether you have children, and own a house.

Often times, people get themselves into trouble but that should not prevent the public from giving them a second chance.

Therefore, I want you to understand that I am not condemning you, but when you write to me, you should not just make requests without telling about yourself.

You see, sir, some people are brainwashed into believing that because they live in North America, the Jamaican women are willing to become friendly with them. They hope that these women would move North America to live with them.

Our girls have class and some of them are choosy and wise.Without going into details, I have good reason to believe that you are not entirely an honest man.

After answering your letter and opening other letters, I found another which appeared to be written by you but with a different name and age. Sir, don't play tricks. You are not helping yourself.

Therefore, I won't give your name to any women. Learn to speak the truth.


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