I need your help


December 04, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 and I am worried about my future. While going to school I faced problems. My attendance was poor. I would miss three to four days per week, sometimes I miss an entire week. I had to borrow books from friends and try to teach myself most of the time. I taught myself more than how I was taught by teachers.

Nevertheless, I managed to get signed up to sit eight subjects. However, I couldn't afford to pay. My teacher spoke to the school board and they agreed to pay for my subjects. I was grateful. I passed seven of my subjects, earning five grade threes and two grade two's.

I am not pleased with the grades but now I am out of school and I am not doing anything. I plan to go to a HEART institution to do a course but I don't know how I am going to maintain myself to go. I don't have anyone to assist me with anything. So I am asking you for some advice.


Dear S.T.,

I congratulate you for doing so well in your examinations. True, some of the passes were not very good but considering that you did not get much help, you did well.

You failed to say with whom you are living and where you live. You did not provide us with a phone number either. Your letter was forwarded to me but I don't have your email address. I decided to answer you because I know you need help.

I suggest you email me at dumas.dearpastor@gmail.com or call my office and speak to my personal assistant.

My numbers are 929-1667, 929-1668. If you wish to use the email address in THE STAR, please follow the instructions correctly.


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