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February 03, 2016
Gully Bop

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Because we are the people paper, we can't help but include you. So, if you are an active follower you may just see your comment here.

Here are some comments on stories that were a hit on Facebook last week:

Gully Bop disses Beenie Man (Posted [latest news] Wednesday, January 27, 2016)

One thing's for sure and that is the STAR followers respect their veteran artistes. Gully Bop certainly had his share of disses handed to him.

Peta Pg Flemmings: Somebody else need fi lick him wid a bigga padlock. You never disrespect the KING OF DANCEHALL! Mek dem neva bottle him ugly self?

Keith Brady: Beenie Man a original, Gully Bop a just come, how him fi diss the big man?

Janet White: Give Gully a chance, he soon reach back inna di gully.

Marie Hewitt-Brown: People, Gully Bop need help. He is a sick man. Him nuh understand the entertainment world. Him waan guidance.

After phone is seized...student sets school on fire (Published Wednesday, January 27, 2016)

The STAR's Facebook page was a picture of disappointment, anger and shock when this story was posted.

Simone Lauther This is out of hand. She doesn't fit in with the school environment. She a woman. #GenerationOfVipers

Maureen Douglas: Thanks, thanks, I give you thanks for all you have done. Lord yuh nuh mek nuh mistake inna my life because if I was still inna di classroom mi know seh prison nah miss me.

Tee Bee: I'm not surprised. People don't know the half of what educators in this country go through on a daily basis. Many of the serious issues do not make the news. The sector more concerned with saving face.

Alex Fowles: I'm waiting on the public and the MOE (Ministry of Education) to blame the teachers. These incidents happen on a daily basis in schools, only once in a while they make it to news.

Debbie Priestly: Yet dem cuss de women who a beat har daughter fe stop go pan Facebook. See dem bad pickney yah, maybe if har muma did a gi har some a dem lick she wuda do good.

I'm using dancehall money for God's work - Marion Hall (Published Friday January 29, 2016)

Most of our followers defended Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, against critics.

Dacia Genus: Wondering if when the offering a go in the plate if we all say where it coming from. Leave the woman alone, that's she and God business, even the tax money a devil money.

Naomi Bless: What is wrong if the woman of God keeps her luxurious car? Unuh leave the woman and go give unuh life to the Lord. Badmind...

Kay Webber: There is nowhere in the bible that say people must not have wealth. Why should the lady give away her things that she did work for.

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