Kids say the darnest things


February 08, 2016

Where is grandma? A little boy asked his grandfather sitting beside him in the plane. "She gone go the bathroom," he replied.

"What she gone to do?" came the next question. "I don't know! She will have to tell you that when she come!" "She gone peepee?" The little boy asked.

The old man seemed a little aggravated, "I don't know!" He shook his head while resting it back in his seat.

I was shaking my head because the little boy was loud and his innocence was just amusing. I was cracking up at the number-two question. Grandma returned. As quickly as she did, her husband tried put her on her toes, "He is gonna ask you what you went to the bathroom to do don't answer him. He ask too much question."

"Grandma, where were you?"


"Why you in der so long?"

I don't know what her response was since she whispered in his ears.

Grandma tried to buckle the kid in, but he was not having it. She called to her husband for help, "You deal with him 'cause I can't bother!"

"Put on your seat belt," he told the little boy.

"No, I don't wanna!"


"I said to put on your seat belt or else the pilot won't take off. You better put your seat belt on, young man. We talked about this. Is it your first time flying on a plane?"

"No, that's why I don't have to wear it. I wear it the first time!" LMAO, you just got to love this kid.

"I'm gonna called the hostess on you!"

Same time they were walking through the row. "Everyone's seat belt should be fastened!"

"You hear that!" Grandpa said, sounding relieved and a little too excited.

Fair conclusion to say the grandparents either spoil that kid or they just can't handle him. The parents are evil too. LMAO, they must know how their kid is and leave the poor grandparents to handle him.

I was entertaining myself with what was going on with them because I was trying to escape my own reality at the moment. Hell, I forgot how struggling it is to travel with a child, OMG! Us women are really strong, yuh know. We always struggling with the kids and luggage and all. What got to me, though, was not even the struggle but just how insensitive and inhumane people can be. Like, where is the compassion? What happened to being helpful or just be courteous? Like, no one offered to help me as much as I looked like I could barely make it. I mean com'on, now I know it's not their problem, but #gotdamit. I would offer to help. I normally do. Because I know it's rough. Then dis woman stan up a di plane door, saw my stuff falling out my bag. Saw me struggling to hold a baby and bags, didn't even have hand to hold a pin, but she have the flipping nerves a come tell me to fold up stroller! I turned to her with blood in my eyes, "Are you serious? You see me struggling and you telling me fold up stroller? Like, how many hands do I have, lady? Tell you what, if no one out here can fold it, ya'll just leave it out here and when I get to my destination, then we gonna have a problem!" I wanted to cuss her some more but thought better. Like, I was so frustrated. Kmdt! An hostess heard me and came to my rescue: "Do you need some help, ma'am?!"

"Yes please, 'cause everybody is just standing there looking and no one offers to help; like, I don't get people!"

"It's okay. It's okay. You're here now and we got you now. Let me take that. What's your seat number?!"

OMG! Deliverance! Someone was offering kindness. Although it was her job, well, not really, but that was good customer service. (Ms Delta lady, thank yuh ma'am, God bless yuh soul!)

People it takes nothing out of you to offer an actress of kindness. Try to do at least one good deed a day. Help someone. Remember Gossipchica told you that! Live good! Chao!

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