Predictions: Statement from a woman who had a swollen belly


February 11, 2016

My journey into the spiritual realm

This is a condensed version of the genesis of my journey into spiritual realm which started when I was about 14. My father has instructed me to cut some yam sticks, which I was happy to do even though it was hard work, since I was looking forward to the pocket money which I planned to save towards buying a bicycle. I started my journey before the sun came up and about two thirds of the way, I saw a tall, slim built, dark man. (Those days you couldn't pass anyone without saying good morning). He replied in a kind and pleasant way and we spent the next third of the journey getting acquainted. Upon nearing our departure, he told me he knew my parents, even though I was seeing him for the first time. After shaking hands to say goodbye, he decided to give me a palm reading. With excitement in his eyes, he said that I was going to be a powerful man and live to help a lot of people. While walking back home after completing my tasks I started thinking about all the things the man had said. A year later I had become very familiar with the medicinal uses of many bushes and boiled my first batch of bush medicine sometime around July 1975. It was for my eldest sister who had a blocked tube and it helped her. From there on my reputation began to grow as more people came to me for help and word of my success spread. I am happy that Maroon man who prophesied about my future calling is still alive and I have the pleasure of seeing him on a regular basis.

A statement from a woman who had a swollen belly

I had visited many doctors during my illness, to no avail as I was not getting better. My belly was always swollen and everyone I met thought I was pregnant, a situation which resulted in me being embarrassed on a number of occasions, having to explain that I was not expecting. Even after doing a number of x-rays they were unable to determine the cause of my illness. So when someone told me about Mr Jo Jo I visited one day but not quite knowing what to expect. After doing a spiritual reading he advised that the situation was caused by a spirit which was interfering with me. He then prescribed a number of things for me to do and after anointing me, blessed me. I followed the instructions and after four more visits my belly was flat, I was feeling better about myself and in good health but Mr Jo Jo was not finished. He also helped me to get a job and thanks be to God I can now provide for my family. Since then I have recommended him to several people who have benefited from his healing powers. So I have to give thanks to him and ask the Lord to keep him and bless him in doing this spiritual work.

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