Crime too rampant in Jamaica


February 12, 2016
Paul Clarke Photo A Jamaica Defence Force vehicle was spotted at the Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay following the shooting at the Jamaica Labour Party's mass meeting on Sunday.

A returning resident and her friends this week condemned the fatal shooting of two men and the injury to others last week Sunday night at the Jamaica Labour Party mass rally in Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay.

They said they were tired of the murders taking place in the country and wondered when crime was going to be curtailed.

The returning resident was of the view that there were too many idle young men and they were the ones responsible for most of the criminal activities that were taking place.

"I regret the day I returned to Jamaica," the returning resident said.

She explained to her friends that she lived in England for 35 years and had never been robbed. She disclosed that since she returned in 2012, she had been robbed four times and her husband gun-butted by criminals.

"Almost everyday you hear on the news of murders taking place all over the country. It is like the criminals take murder for a joke," one of her friends remarked.

sell my house

In response, the returning resident said, "In all my 35 years living in England I have never been robbed or assaulted. But look, since I come back in 2010 I have been robbed four times and even my poor husband was beaten during one of the robberies at our home."

"I regret the day I return to Jamaica and many times I feel as if I could just sell my house and go back to England. Cost of living is very high here, but I would be happy to know that cost of living was high and the country was crime free. We can't even sleep in peace at nights because we have to be listening if thieves are breaking into our house.

"Some of the thieves are murderers because when they rob they kill too. It is just as if the criminals are blood thirsty," she said .

abolished hanging

One of her friends pointed out that the criminals target everybody "not even our children are safe."

"So are you going to vote in this election?" one of the women asked.

The returning resident said, "no party is getting my vote because, as far as I am concerned, whichever party is in power will not change the crime situation."

"The criminals believe they are the ones running the country because nobody would believe they would shoot up a political rally with police and so many people around. They do these crimes because they know they can get away with it. It seems as if they have abolished hanging because since I return to Jamaica I have not heard of any one being hanged for murder so that could be the reason for so many murders. To tell you all the truth, I cannot vote because I am not pleased with so many murders and other serious offences taking place," the returning resident added.

The death penalty has not been abolished in Jamaica. The last execution took place in February 1988, and so far no valid reason has been given why hanging has not resumed. Judges still impose the death sentence for certain types of murder as stipulated under the Offences against the Person Act.

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