My Confession: My man's wife almost set me on fire


February 12, 2016

Mi say, STAR, all if me no win the prize at the end of the month, me affi share dah confession yah!

One time me used to live up inna the country and me did deh with a man, but the man did married. One night him come ova me house and tell me say the wife gone a convention a town and she nah come back until the next day, so me can come sleep wid him.

Me go ova the house and we do the things dem and lay down inna the bed a talk, only fi hear 'boom boom boom' pon the door and the wife a say open the door. Dat deh time me tun fool, nuh know wah fi do. Finally me draw on me clothes, jump off the bed and go under it.

When the wife come in she start ask the man who and him in the room, then she look unda the bed and see me. Oh my lord! She dash some kerosene oil pon me, then the man realise say a light she ago light me, so him start wrestle wid her and me get fi run out.

A good thing me did put on back me clothes when we did done do the things dem. Me say me start run down the road and some dog start run me down and bark afta me! Me affi turn back up the road, only fi buck up inna the wife a fling some stone afta me. Fi the whole night me just a run round the place and I didn't even know the area well because me did recently move there.

Me nuh know how the man manage fi escape the wife and come find me and carry me home. When me reach home the kerosene dry pon me body. When me try take off the clothes me skin start peel off! That was such an ordeal. Me can't forget it, but me fraid fi tell people say a me it happen to. Mi always tell people the story and say a me cousin it happen to.

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