Paternity Puzzle: Woman hopes side man is child's father

April 01, 2016

In what was a tangled web of deceit between two former lovers during the course of their relationship, the paternity of a child conceived during their year-long relationship is now uncertain.

Both Stephanie Green and Gordon Langley were in relationships when they met each other more than a year ago.

Green told THE WEEKEND STAR she was in a long-distance relationship. Langley was informed of that prior to the start of their intimate relationship, but he was not as not as honest about his background.

It was not until the unemployed 33-year-old became pregnant that she found out the soldier she had been involved with for months was a married man.

"Him tell me him no married, and when me a go through problem, not knowing who the father a me child is, him buss that news pon me," she explained.

According to Green, the paternity of her child is uncertain because she was actively having unprotected sex with b her boyfriend and Langley, who she said was her 'sideman' at the time the child was conceived.

"Me did know she have her man, yes, but me never a expect her fi breed and try gimme as mine," admitted Langley.

He claimed that the child, who is registered in his last name, does not resemble him, but Green counters these claims.

"The baby brown, but because she nuh red like him, or have big nose like him, him a use it as excuse fi say a nuh fi him pickney," she said.

Both Langley and Green said they want to be the winners of the free DNA test because they desperately want to know who is the father of the nine-month-old girl.

"I want it (paternity of the father) to be known because me nah support the child anymore until I find out if the child is mine," said Langley.

Green, who said the uncertainty has plunged her into depression since the birth of her child, is hoping the child's biological father is the 44-year-old soldier.

"I want the baby to be his because I see the father potential in him more than than my boyfriend," she explained.

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