My Confession: I left him because he was poor and boasty


June 17, 2016

Mi say, STAR, me is a hot gyal and mi nuh fraid fi say a pure money man me deal wid. As a man start look me, me tell him, straight up say if him nuh have money, him nuh fi look my direction because me nuh have time fi waste pon waste man.

Anyways, there was this guy at my workplace weh always a try get me. Him always a come wid some big words and tell me how him education big and him ambition tall.

The way how him talk big, mi think say him money even bigger, so mi start fi like and me decide fi give him a chance.

Fi a while we did a eat lunch together at work. Di lunch did free so him neva have to offer to buy me anything. Anyways, one day me ask him if we can't go out together. Him say, yes, anywhere me like.

So mi tell mi cousin seh a nice guy want to carry me out, and him seem full a education and class, so she must tell me a fancy place to go because me want him think mi have taste.

When mi tell him di place me want to go, him say, no problem. In the evening, when me ready fi go dinner, I asked him if I should call a taxi and he will pay me back the fare. The man seh I should just take a bus fi save money.

God know, me did vex, but me did really want the food so me go. When me reach and ready fi order, me ask him if him nah order food, him say no, he will just eat some of my food.

Mi really neva know what fi think bout dis man because him talk so big and boasty. Mi couldn't believe say a really cheap him cheap so. I thought maybe he was trying to be romantic to share a plate, so me work wid it.

But when it come time fi pay di bill, di man say him will pay half and me fi pay the other half. A dat time me realise say di man really cheap! Him agree fi carry me go dinner and and want me fi pay fi mi food! Seriously?

From dat day, I neva even look back pon him wid him big talk and nothing fi back it up.

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