My Confession: I left him because he was gay


June 24, 2016

STAR, I have nothing against gay people. I say, to each his own. I pride myself on having a very good 'gaydar', meaning I'm very good at telling if someone, especially a guy, is gay. As them talk or make certain movements, I know not to look in their direction for a relationship.

It look like my 'gaydar' wasn't working when my friends introduced me to this guy at a party. He was very good-looking, he dressed nice, smelled good and was a great dancer.

When he asked me out later that week, I didn't hesitate one bit. From the first time me meet him, me notice him have a very high pitched laugh, almost like a girl, but me neva think too hard about it, because nuff people laugh funny, including me, so me neva judge him.

Things did a gwaan good fi a while but me notice him always a spend 'quality' time with him best friend, who happens to be a guy.

Nuff nights me call him and him tell me say him a sleep by him best-friend house.

Mi did feel a way about it, but me neva look too deep into it, at least, it wasn't another girl.

Ova time, a lot of things did start happen wah cause me fi start question his straightness, but what put the icing on the cake was one evening I asked him to follow me to a party, and he told me he can't come that day because it's his best friend's birthday, and he always takes him out to dinner. What kind of man takes another man out to a fancy restaurant for dinner?

From him say that, the signal pon me gaydar nearly pop off, if you get wah me mean! Mi just say, "ok", and, from that day, I cut him off.

I see him engaged to a woman now, but me sorry fi she, because she deh wid a gay man.

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