Prayer can never be unnecessary!


June 27, 2016

Hello my fellow F&C readers, truly hoping all is well with each and every one of you!

Earlier last week I ran across a friend and we were catching up as usual. She was telling me how she was hunting for a school for her little girl to start September. Having remembered that a week or so ago she was all excited how she had registered her little one for a school in Kingston. I asked, "What happened to school you signed her up for?!" I never expect the answer I was about to received. She hissed her teeth and took up her phone and said, "Read this yah!"

I took the phone only to see a WhatsApp message open, it was a group chat. I won't say the name of the group but from what I observed she was added to the group by the administrator who turned out to be the principal of the school she had registered her child. The group apparently contained numbers of teachers and parents, mostly parents of course. BTW, this is a nursery and kindergarten school. I started scrolling there wasn't much to read at first just voice notes.

brief introduction

My friend said to scroll down to her message. The message she sent was a morning prayer then a brief introduction saying who she was and that she looked forward to meeting the other parents since their kids would be schoolmates!

One teacher welcome her and a parent welcomed her as well. Then came a voice note from the group administrator. "Parents let me remind you and for those of you that are new on the group, please don't text any quotes or additional stuff to the site. We use the site ma-i-n-ly for you to get an update on whatever happening at the school or if you have any questions we will reply. Please don't text the unnecessary prayer, unnecessary quotes and all those things. Just keep it as is which only pertain to the students and the school."

I was dumbstruck at "unnecessary prayer" I swear. I played the message again. Yep she said it. I must have read my friend like a book as I turned to her I shook my head. She said, "If she did just say don't post anything cause she not wrong to say what she said its just that how can I send my child to a school where the principal thinks prayer unnecessary?!" I understood how she felt.

nonsense person

I thought the principal made a blunder and it was obvious she did not as she didn't say anything after that even though my friend responded, "Unnecessary prayer?!" with a surprised face emoji. She also asked when the packages would be ready but got no answer until further down and from someone else.

My girlfriend is a no nonsense person like me. After she addressed the teacher who answered, she posted: "It has been resting heavily on my mind as well based on the response this morning about "unnecessary prayer" posting, if this is somewhere I want to send my child to! In this perilous time where prayer is the key and one of the first tools we teach our kids, to hear the leader of the school say prayer is unnecessary really baffled me. If you had say no posting I could respect that honestly but no unnecessary prayer??! Hmmm IDK and you seem a little too nippy and easily frustrated...I wonder how little kids are being addressed when left in your care (just saying I have to wonder because kids do test ones patience!".

I was excited but this whole situation, though it seem trivial has left a bad taste in my mouth.

God/prayer can never be unnecessary!" I want to implore everyone to pray without ceasing and never think that prayer is unnecessary!

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