My brother put my house title in his name


July 01, 2016

A returning resident has been robbed by a relative of millions of dollars she had sent to him to purchase a house for her.

According to the victim, who lived in England for 40 years, she called her brother in 2012 and told him she planned to return home in 2015.

He was excited when she told him she wanted to buy a house for both of them to live in.

"My brother called me in November 2012, and told me he had found the perfect house for me in Manchester," she said.

"He sent me a photograph of the two-storey house, and I really liked it. He told me the house needed some repairs, but I told him to go ahead and deal with the transaction.

"He told me the house was valued about $25 million but, because the owner was going abroad to live, he was selling it for $23 million. I had just sold my house in England, so I sent the money to my brother to purchase the house.

"The sale of the house was completed in July 2013, and my brother told me he needed a million dollar to do repairs. I sent the money to him and the repairs were done.

"I telephoned my brother, in January 2014, and told him I was retiring in June that year and should be in Jamaica by December. He told me everything was good and he had just painted the house.

"I came to Jamaica in February last year and was really pleased with the location of the house and the design.

"I had told my brother he could occupy the second floor and I would live on the first floor. When my furniture came, my brother helped me to arrange them in my section of the house.

"We both lived very happy in the house until July last year when my son, who is living in England visited me.

"He asked me about the title for the house and I told him to ask my brother. When my son asked about the title, my brother became very upset and would not show me.

"My son made checks and discovered that my brother had bought the house in his name only. I have a copy of the title.

Although we are still living in the house, my brother has refused to speak to me. My son told him he should transfer the title to my name but he has refused to do so.

"Some of my relatives suggested that I should have him arrested for what he did but he is my brother and I don't want to get the police involved.

"I think there must be some other way out of this situation because I have all the documents to show that I had sent the money to buy the house.

You should consult a lawyer to sue your brother for breach of trust. If your brother refuses to transfer the title to your name, the court, after hearing the case, can make an order for the transfer to be done your name.

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