My Confession: I used food to punish my sister's man


July 01, 2016

STAR, mi a tell you the truth wah God love. Mi did breed from early and drop outta school, and all now mi no go back yet, but mi plan to. I have an older sister that went to a good school, but when it comes on to man, she is a damn fool. You woulda think she is the one that neva go school.

From me a little girl coming up, no man couldn't take me fi fool. A me run things inna the relationship, and di man dem haffi let off cash regular or else mi gwaan and lef dem.

My sister is the opposite. She fool to man till it look bad, and she is a bit of a cougar. A pure young man she tek up.

Wi live together fi the time being, so any time she carry ova her new man, me see dem. The man take her fi a piece a clown. As him come ova, him demand food, juice, and alcohol, and she run go serve him. She all feed him sometimes! Sick me stomach!

Mi neva have a problem if she want to be a clown fi her man because me know say a so she stay. But my problem is that the man mean bad! To my knowledge, him neva give her money yet, and him always want things from her like she is his sugar mommy!

It bun me bad, but it wasn't my place to step in, except this one day when him try pass him place wid me.

My sister was covering a double shift and him mussi neva remember say she nah come home that day. Him present himself and say, "Di food done yet?" Not even a little, "good evening" di man nuh seh.

Mi just tell him say the food no done yet, so him go watch TV. That time the food done cook. Mi just sit down inna the kitchen and nyam off wah me cook then lock up the kitchen door and go about me business.

Mi know hungry did a kill him because me hear him belly a growl when me a pass, but me just smile to miself. Next day, I heard him complaining to my sister how mi have him a starve whole night, but she know she couldn't come to me bout it.

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