Starcy plans beach trip after Maggi combo win


July 06, 2016
A chef prepares a meal with Maggi products.
Maggi products, ready to be placed in the pot.
Contributed Linda is one happy shopper - purchasing the required six Maggi products, including two soups to spin the Fortune Wheel and win a gift package.

Daintlyn Campbell uses only Maggi Season Up because of the superior blend of herbs and spices that its five flavours boats.

And even though she needed only a bottle of cooking oil last Saturday when she walked into Young Sang Supermarket in Morant Bay, Campbell felt compelled to buy some Maggi products for her chance to win the Maggi Fortune combo.

As the the Maggi Fortune combo winner, Campbell, who is from Pear Tree River, got a four-burner gas stove, large igloo and pressure cooker.

"Mi did want a stove and a pressure cooker. Mi coulda work without the igloo but me glad me get it because if me have a beach trip fi guh and instead a borrow one from somebody I can take me," said Campbell.

Already, she has used the pressure cooker to prepare Sunday dinner, and the new stove has now been installed at her house.

"I was so glad and excited. Mi couldn't belive me woulda win it," she said.

Campbell's journey to winning the Combo was a bit bumpy as she left Young Sang Supermarket fuming.

She had asked the taxi driver to wait for her, promising that she would not be long. However, by the time she got outside, the taxi had left.

"Mi did deh pon such a rush so I left the taxi outside," she related to THE STAR.

Campbell, who is known in her community as Starcy, having been informed about the promotions by a Maggi agent who was in the supermarket, proceded to pick up some packets of Maggi Season Up and four Maggi chicken noodle soups. She was then entered in the wheel of fourtne as well as the combo promotions.

But having left the supermarket with the intention to jump into the cab and leave, Campbell found herself fuming. The car was gone.

"I was there and I saw my phone start ringing, but to be honest, di way me vex me did waah ignore the call," she said.

However, having taken the call, Campbell's mood wass changed for the better.

"Even now me still glad inside," she told THE STAR.

The Maggi Mobile Road Show and Fortune Wheel Promotion rolls into Clarendon on Saturday, when the train parks up at National Self-Serve, Shopper's Fair 7's Road.

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