LEGAL WRANGLING: Thinking of selling my neighbour's cows


July 08, 2016

A farmer is upset and frustrated because his neighbour's cows went on his farm and destroyed most of his crops that he had planned to sell next week to vendors in his community.

The farmer, having gone to his farm, was surprised when he saw six of his neighbour's cows eating his crops. He immediately telephoned the neighbour and told him what had happened.

"My neighbour came to the farm and took away the cows, but he did not even apologise to me," the farmer said.

"I saw my neighbour the day after and asked how come he did not call me to discuss the damage his cows did to my cabbage, pumpkin and corn. Well, to my surprise, he said he did not see anything to discuss."

"I ask him if he had sense and he began to curse me, saying I was out of order. He said he had far more sense than me.

"I told him that if he really had sense, he would get someone to value the damage to my crops and pay me. He said as far as he was concerned, his cows were not the only cows that had ever destroyed my crops.

"I told him that I did not have the time to waste arguing with him. He came right up to me and pointed his finger in my face and threatened to box me. I walked away because I know that if he had boxed me, I would have retaliated in a vicious manner. I said I cannot afford to go to prison and leave my three kids to suffer, so I avoided the fight with him.

"Since my neighbour has been very abusive to me, I got a valuator to assess the damage to my crops and give me a bill. The losses have been valued at $15,000. When I got the bill, I sent my wife to give it to the neighbour.

"He took the bill, looked at it, and told my wife that he was not paying it. I cannot understand why my neighbour is behaving like that because he knows better. I spoke to his wife and told her to speak to him about paying the money, but she says her husband is very stubborn.

"Right now, I am so upset that I feel that I would just sell one of his cows to get my money," the farmer said.

If you sell your neighbour's cow, you could end up being charged with larceny. The proper thing to do is to go to the court and file a suit to recover the $15,000.

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