MY CONFESSION: I robbed half-blind Granny


July 08, 2016

Jah know, STAR, sometimes mi look back pon some a the things mi do inna life and mi ashamed a miself. Mi can't believe me really do certain things.

Like me remember this time me a walk down di lane fi go home because me did hungry, same time me see a little old woman wha live by herself call mi ova her yard and beg mi to go buy a phone card fi har so she can call her daughter a foreign.

Mi neva wah go nowhere, enuh, because hungry did a kill me. But mi start look into it, and say maybe mi coulda get something outa it.

Mi realise say she couldn't see so well, because she take out har little thread bag full a money and hand me one criss $1,000 bill.

Wen she ask mi a how much that? Mi say, "A $500 this, Mammy." Same time she say, "Alright then, that muss can buy it. Bring back mi change."

A so dem likkle old people deh stay. Dem love work out people and dem mean, so mi neva feel no way fi thief the $500 from har and buy something nyam.

As mi come from the shop, mi no reach inna her yard good, she start ask mi fi put the credit on her phone. Mi say, "No problem!"

Mi just put on the credit pon her phone and send half to meself. Then she ask mi fi dial her foreign daughter number.

When mi leave her yard and reach further down di road, mi hear her a cuss 'bout how the credit done so fast.

Dem time deh mi neva feel no way fi take di credit and the money because look pon all the things mi do fi har, and she have money but she find it hard fi give me a little change.

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