Internet company's poor customer service


July 18, 2016

What a gwaan, peeps?! Question: Is it me alone who think a lot of these big companies are taking our money only to provide us with inefficiency and poor customer service?

Think about it! You pay for a monthly service and whether it works or not, you still have to pay for the entire month! If you have a problem and try to reach the company, you have to wait forever to speak to someone! I'm sure you have experienced this dilemma with one company or another, but what to do, eh? You either do or don't!

I was out of Internet service for a couple of days. My landlady called, and when she finally spoke to an agent, they told her it would be back in 24 hours. She was told that they saw where the bill had been paid but her account hadn't been updated.

peak of frustration

That was my first issue: Whose problem is that? Another day passed, so I decided to call because I found this ridiculous. I waited for some time to speak to an agent only to be transferred and disconnected both times. By the third time I called. I was at the peak of frustration. It was as if I was in a long relay, being passed from agent to agent and the race wasn't about to end. No one could tell me why I was without service even though the bill had been paid and the current bill due date hadn't arrived.

One told me that there was an outage in the area and that the account didn't have a billing issue. I was passed back to technical assistance. They told me that there was a bar on the account and that they couldn't do anything about it until the billing department updated the account.

I was keeping track of time just to show you the foolishness people go through. Bearing in mind that every time I was transferred, I had to explain the situation all over again. They had no logic or reasoning. They are trained to say one thing and, obviously, not to think. Do you realise how much time we actually waste on the phone only for them to babble the same garbage in your ears with no definitive solution.


I spoke to a supervisor finally. I told her how distraught I was, having been on the phone for two hours and being put through to 10 customer service agents. I still had to go over the whole situation smh! She put me on hold and made her checks only to come tell me, "Oh! There were some little charges that have been adding up and that's why the service is disconnected." I said, "Are you kidding me. All this time that's what the problem was, smdh!

My landlady was livid because she asked how much the bill was. They told her and she paid. No one ever said. "Oh! We see that you pay but there is a balance brought forward. Inefficient and incompetent. Kmt! Walk good yah, peeps!

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